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We take pride in the development and success of the iFlip Real Estate System. Our platform has created hundreds of thousands of dollars for the most novice to the advanced real estate investors. By providing expert knowledge, current market enhancements, and professional technical support, we give you the tools you need to successfully operate your own real estate business and career.

Everything you need to run your entire real estate investment business can be found inside the iFlip system. Here’s a quick breakdown of just some of our most popular features. It’s a long list, but as you can see we’ve included everything.
Complete Real Estate Business Automation

The ultimate CRM and business management platform for real estate investors. Manage your buyers, sellers, lenders, rehabs, bird dogs, and more all with ease.

Fast Track Buyers List

You'll easily build a huge list of eager, motivated buyers in your target market or nationwide and be able to communicate with them using our proprietary email broadcast system. We also provide users with buyers in their area which come in through our national ad campaign.

Buyers, Seller, Lender Lead Integration

Fully integrated access to your Cash Buyer Data Feed, Private Lender Data Feed, and iBuy Houses Leads accounts. These services require additional (although extremely affordable) fees.

Email Blaster

Send custom emails to your iFlip contact lists instantly, or schedule for a later date. This includes bird dogs, buyers, sellers, lease option buyers, and other contacts. Communicate with many in the time it takes to compose one message!

Video Library

With just a click, you can easily learn from any of our 30+ tutorial videos that will walk you through every aspect of the iFlip system. You'll find the videos strategically located throughout the system, right where you need them.

Advanced Email System

With our smart auto-responder technology, you can easily and quickly create automated email marketing campaigns designed to increase response from leads and bring in more dollars, more efficiently.

Web Form Generator

Use this simple tool to start building unlimited custom lists online while seamlessly organizing this data within your iFlip account.

Rehab Property Manager (RPM)

Now you can easily manage your rehab deals within iFlip, estimate repair costs, manage your funding, track expenses, upload before/after photos of the property, and even print a detailed summary when the deal is done.

Offer Generator

Use this powerful tool to instantly discover the maximum allowable offer and minimum acceptable offer on any property. You'll be able to estimate repairs based on current condition and have all the numbers you need to ensure maximum profit.

Automated Comp Tool

Use our automated comparable data analyzer to find the most reliable and realistic comps for your deals in seconds.

Bird Dog Territory Assignment

Assign specific territories to your bird dogs using an intuitive point and click interface to select a customizable area you want each bird dog to operate within.

Multiple Website Setup

Do you invest in more than one area? Easily set up multiple websites, for any type of lead, in any market.

Multi-User Support

Give your employees their own access to your iFlip system without sharing private login information.

Document Library & Storage

Access a library of forms and contracts needed for your real estate business and upload your own custom documents as well.

Unparalleled Client Support

We see our customers as the most important part of our business and that's why we have our own extremely dedicated and knowledgeable Client Support team right here under our roof, ready to assist you via phone, email, live chat or screen share. We do not outsource or send jobs overseas.

Direct Mail Manager

With a few clicks of your mouse, choose the letter or postcard from one of our many proven templates (or customize your own) and send direct mail to cash buyers, private lenders, buyers, bird dogs, sellers, lease option buyers, and more. All at our low direct cost! It's really that simple. (Mailed through our personal 3rd party mail house - at our direct (preferred client) cost. This is not a profit center for us.)

Easy Website Builder

Create professional looking, optimized websites which attract buyers, sellers, lenders, and bird dogs. Choose from over 100 templates or upload your own custom logo. If you prefer. No technical knowledge or expertise is required to have a significant internet presence.

Marketing Template Library

There are dozens of proven letters and postcard templates you can use with the Direct Mail Manager, Self-Mailer Module, or Email Marketing System. You can also create your own templates from scratch and save them in the system for future use!

Self-Mailer Module

Want to do it yourself? Now, you'll have the ability to print and mail your own marketing pieces as desired.

Social Media Blitz

With the click of a button, you can now share your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and 47 other social media websites.

Proprietary Deal Flow Process

All real estate deals are different. That's why we've developed Deal Flow, an optimized lead handling funnel which will guide you through your deals seamlessly.

e-Marketing Statistics

Whether you send an email to a single lead or to an entire list, you can now get up to the second tracking information, so you always know how your e-marketing is performing.

Marketing History

All of your past direct mail, self-mailer, and email marketing campaigns are saved so you can retrace your steps and easily replicate effective marketing initiatives.

1-Click Deal Syndication

When you're ready to sell, you can push your property to our expansive network of over 30 national listing and classified sites.

Community Forum

Instantly tap into the collective genius of the iFlip user community at any time. Ask your questions, network, or lend a helping hand to others.

Offer Blaster

Just a few clicks and the Offer Blaster will easily send out an email and/or fax correspondence on single or multiple properties for you!

'Smart' Calendar and Task Manager

Allows you to easily add a new task, manage projects, and optimize your business. Plus you can set up text and email reminders which automatically notify yourself or others.

iFlip is the most powerful, hands-off, real estate business management system on the planet which is designed for real estate investors of all experience levels.

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Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about iFlip...

"I've Gotten Almost 100 Bird dogs And 40 Potential Buyers..."

"I placed 6 ads in 6 different markets and have gotten almost 100 bird dogs signed on in less than a week, as well as 40 potential buyers. I just got a property submission from an area I drove a million times and consider my area of expertise and it is a smoking hot lead that I missed. It has been vacant since 2007. My bird dog found it in one day. So I just wanted to say that this delegating work is a great thing. 'The less work the more you make' it makes total sense now"

Chris P.,

"I'm Going To Make $18K On This And I've Got More Coming"

"I just wanted to let you know that I just got the assignment signed on my first wholesale deal using your iFlip system. It really worked great. I'm going to make $18K on this and I've got a bunch more lined up and have made great progress in building a buyers list. iFlip was a key component in getting this deal done for me and is paving the way to doing more deals."

Jerry P.,

"19 Bird dogs And 2 Property Submissions In 24 Hours"

"On Monday I heard Cam speak live and was blown away! I came back to the office and got started with iFlip, put out a bird dog ad and in less than 24 hours have had 19 bird dogs signed up with 10 more wanting more info and the best thing, two property submissions!"

Sean M.,

"There Is No Denying iFlip Is A Great Product"

"I put up the bird dog ad in San Antonio about 3 hours ago and already have 7 bird dogs! There's no denying you guys have a great product! Thanks! This is really exciting!!"

Kristina C.,

"I'm An iFlip User For Life!"

"I just wanted to let you know that after less than a week inside the iFlip system I've found your support to be the best. I've used four or five other programs that charge much more but delivered much less. The thing that distinguishes iFlip from the competition is the fact that it does what it says it's going to do for you and beyond. When you have a problem that requires support you get help in a matter of minutes or worst-case in an hour or two the same day. Plus - I just ran my first Bird Dog promotions and in less than 24 hours I have six Bird Dogs signed up."

Mark B.,

"Pure Genius!"

"I am now short selling 2 houses I found using the iFlip system. I'm very impressed with this easy to use system and great programming! iFlip is Pure Genius!"

Mary D.,

"This System Is Awesome"

"This system is awesome. I have almost 40 bird dogs, 4 buyers and 3 properties already submitted because of iFlip, and the best part is I've done all this in just 1 week of implementing."

Robert M.,

"New Leads Are Coming In Because Of iFlip"

"I love the iFlip system! We've got 13 brand new leads so far as a result of the iFlip system! Lots of other great features too!"

Ray M.,

There Is Now An Easier Way To Cash Your Next Profit Check, Streamline Every Single Aspect Of Your Real Estate Business, And Make More While Doing Less…

iFlip Real Estate
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The most powerful, hands-off, real estate business management system, on the planet. Designed by, and specifically for real estate investors of all experience levels.

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