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 What Is iFlip?

iFlip Properties Automatically... A Complete, Hands Off, Virtual Real Estate, Money Making System.


iFlip is a hands off business management platform application that gives you multiple pipelines of property and buyer leads along with selling power where you can do more deals in less time. 


What you get are up to FOUR pre-built websites that will allow you to generate both buyer and property leads. Each website is fully customizable with different color, graphic, text and layout options. Our system is a turn key setup however you are able to customize your account and websites to fit your own real estate business.


Besides the websites, we also provide you with some great account features to help you stay organized and promote your own success. They include components such as email blasts, auto-responders, placement ads, FREE buyer leads and property postings and much more.


Here's a brief look at each of our available websites that are included in the iFlip system...



Our 'Bird Dog' website will be the host of your steaming property leads. Attracting people who want to earn a little extra money, the landing page briefly describes what your looking for them to do. This includes the details of the vacant property with different pictures they personally take.


Once they complete a simple open account form, they will receive a built in auto-responder from you giving them the rest of the details of the program including what you are willing to pay for a valid vacant property lead. They also will have the ability at that point to submit their property leads to you right from their new account.



The 'Seller' website will also provide you with powerful leads that are provided from the property owners themselves. The leads provided to you may well be from motivated sellers who are looking for a 'way out'. Anyone in real estate would know this could mean one screaming deal for the investor.


The website tells them a little bit about yourself / business and how you can help them. They are not required to open an account however they are able to submit their name, email and property information for you to review.



Our 'Buyer' website operates with two intents in mind. The first is the ability to attract buyer leads through the use of widgets and squeeze page forms. Once the prospective buyer provides you with their name, email address and zip code, they will be given the ability to view the property leads that you have listed for sale.


Taking in mind the importance of buyer leads and the idea of having a healthy buyers list, we allow you to post properties from other iFlip members as well. This comes in most handy when you don't have any properties under contract or listed for sale however you want to continue with your streaming buyer leads to build your list.


This leads us to the second intent of your buyers website to post your own properties for sale. Through your iFlip account access and a simple click of a button, the properties you chose can be posted to your website in a matter of seconds. The listing can include a property description, photos, and your contact information if they are interested. Our email blast tool will also allow you to notify your list of buyers of your new property deal you have just posted.



The last website, 'Lease Option Buyer', is available to you if you are looking to sell your homes on a lease option. In these cases, you can take over financing from the seller and sell on lease option to your buyer or you may consider bringing in a private lender or bank.


The traffic that you attract to your lease option site may be people who are unable to secure a loan on their own or have credit that does now allow them to finance through a bank. In these cases, you may find a lot of buyers who are interested in purchasing with a lease option.



Each one of these websites serve as gears if you will that allow iFlip to work for you. While the bird dog and seller websites are adding property leads to your account, your buyers website is attracting buyer leads and listing your properties for sale. Your iFlip account access will capture your leads for you to review and maintain your property lead and account information. You will be able to log into your account to view the website activity and update your property information.


The last piece that ties up the iFlip program is our national website, At our national website, we are actively marketing to buyers through the use of online marketing and search engine optimization. While we are working to attract active buyers, you are able to post your own properties for sale for those buyers to see on our national site. One of the features of our marketing tools include a pop-over where the buyer is presented with a form to submit their name, email address and zip code. If they chose to submit their name, email address and zip code, we provide the buyer lead to all our clients within a 50 mile radius of that buyer. Not only you are building your buyers list but we are helping to provide you with new leads from our own marketing.


We encourage you to get on the path of real estate success with iFlip today! Contact our customer support team at (607) 527-6097 or by email,



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